The January Tradition

What’s the tradition every January?

It’s the worlwide – New Years Resolution!

Here’s mine for this year:

1. Wake up atleast 2hours earlier before shift starts.
2. Again, wake up early and leave house 30mins before shift starts.
3. For the third time, wake up early, leave house atleast 30mins before shift starts and DON’T TAKE TAXI!
4. Focus on studies – no trips for this year(except Manila of
5. Lose Weight! and make use of your jumping rope and poi!
6. Improve looks and personality 😀
7. Get Organized!
8. Fight apathy and write something on your journal!
9. Stop being too humble and don’t let Frienemy rip you off and destroy you – teach him some lesson or manners perhaps? 😀
10.Mean what you say and say what you mean 😀

What’s yours?


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