Things to do before my forties – revisited.

1. Have my own house built (designed by the self proclaimed architect, ME!)

**Work in Progress 🙂

2. Learn how to drive a 4 wheeler.

**I only drived a bicycle 😀

3. Go to another Island in the Philippines that I haven’t been to. Bohol, Boracay, Camiguin etc.

**Been to Boracay and Ilo-ilo 🙂

4.  Try Zipline

**Done! I wish I don’t feel ashamed of posting my awkward – not so amazing photo 😀

5. Be able to travel to another country. Hongkong, Singapore, Thailand, Canada etc… With my Mom or all of my loved ones. :-)

**Still working on my passport 🙂

6. Finish a class in Culinary Arts.

** X

7. Finish a Barista Class.


8. Be a Barista in Starbucks :-)


9. Work in a Hotel in no definite time frame.


10. Work in the Airline Industry in no definite time frame.


11. Have my own business. (My mind says, I should have a Hardware biz).

**I now have a small foodhouse 🙂

12. Invest in Real Estate.


13. Do nothing that wouldn’t make my Mom  proud and happy :-)


Looks good to me 😀

And you know what’s interesting? Looks like my list needs some revision 😀


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