Late Blog about my Manila ->Boracay Trip


So I went for a trip to Manila and Boracay with a human and a beautiful monster. Well the places are nice. If you want a suburban life then you sure would survive in manila (not me though) and if you’re tired of the bustling city life then fly to the serene boracay(when off peak I would say). 

So so so…I’m not sure if this portion of my blog should talk about the places or my personal experience in my trips being with the two gals…Should I do both? Is that a yes? Alright, then yes 😉

Manila -> Well the reason why I wanted to go to Manila last September was because I am scheduled for a trip there on November but I thought of cancelling it so I can have a one time leave…(it sounded to me that my boss isn’t approving anymore of my leaves because of frequent unpaid VL’s.LOL) Anyways, so there. I kinda had a funny experience there (brace yourself, this is mediocrity).


I live in a beautiful Island City of Mactan in Cebu (like atlantis, heheh, I’m exagerrating), anways, it’s Highly Urbanized City with not much traffic lights and all the sort of road signs and enforcers etc. Okay, so the funny part is that for a long time I really haven’t been caring about those stuff aside from the normal Red, Green and Orange traffic signal lights that I just went crossing the street without knowing that a traffic enforcer was actualy holding a signage with a stop sign, and the funny thing is that I signalled the Taxi Driver(with my hands) to stop because I’m gonna cross the street. LOL. That’s actually not the first time, it happened in the same place last March too…only the difference is that , the first time I was with someone and the second time, I was alone.  Good thing I/we weren’t issued violation tickets ( it was a private road owned by the hotel we’re staying.

We’ll too much for that…I wasn’t really able to take pics but here’s one taken from the 14th floor of Edsa Shangri-la:

Now, let’s go to Bora ^_^

Hmmmm…It reminds me, I thought it would be more of a romantic get away…but no, it didn’t turn out that way…(blame it to beautiful monster).

Boracay is really a great place to go if you’re looking for relaxation, fun and excitement. The island is very serene( again when off peak), it’s crowded when it’s summer in the Philippines! But it’s still nice ^-^. If you are into night life, boracay has it…and sea adventures too…Actually, Boracay is a place for Kite surfing and the like.

Again, because of beautiful monster, I don’t have much pics to share but I have taken some on my phone and I kinda snatched some pics from his facebook (don’t ask how.hahaha)

Sunrise in Bora ^_^

Noontime in Boracay waters…

Sun down ^_^

You also wanna see humanoid and beautiful monster? hahaha, I’ll post them if they’ll piss me off. LOL. Just kidding.

Hope you enjoyed this post 🙂


3 Comments Add yours

  1. That beach looked amazing.

  2. zoemeiresort says:

    Wow! Great post! Very nice scenery isn’t it? Love the sunset. The clouds looks very refreshing as well as the white sand. I can feel the texture of that white sand and the clear sea. I bet you did have a wonderful time on this island! Great capture!

  3. Jhul M. says:

    It’s so nice that you visit my country. Hope to be back someday. 🙂

    Favor please. Help us retweeting and sharing my travel blog about Philippines: Thank you so much! 🙂

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