Feeling Good

Currently at work, multi tasking.  Calling people,reading script,calling to piss people (for survey) reading blogs, munching junkfood, thinking what to write, doing everything simultaneously.  Well, I thought of writing because I re-blogged two post and haven’t really posted an original 🙂

The thing here is that, when I’m out and not facing the  computer a lot of thought comes to my mind which I think I should be blogging about. But when I’m already facing the computer, it just goes off and my mind is emptied.

Anyways, yesterday, I went to see one of my bestfriends ( I actually slept at her place).  After I kissed her hello, she asked me “How’s your heart?” ,  it’s not that I’m having a serious physical heart problem, but lately I was having heartaches 🙂  I felt better knowing that someone actually cares about how I feel after isolating myself  from the world because the person I care  the most  doesn’t care for me at all 😦

I guess what I’m really trying to say is that, sometimes when we feel down and so much hurt, we tend to forget that there are people who still loves us and really cares for us.  We tend to forget that we still have our family and friends who loves us unconditionally 🙂


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