Is He Boyfriend Material? (via LifeBytes…Real Stories)

For all Ms. Gilrfriend out there… This is a must read!!!

Is He Boyfriend Material? This week we have a guest-post, compliments of Marni Batista! When it comes to finding long-lasting love, the men you want to typically date can be classified as Boyfriend Material. These men are also dating with dignity, and have an expressed interest in finding a partner who is confident, independent, and has the skills necessary to communicate in MANglish. The ability to understand and then respect MANglish is paramount to finding a relationsh … Read More

via LifeBytes…Real Stories


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  1. bookeditors says:

    Hi Jenny, Thanks for the re-blog…Mariann and I love to share stories so we really appreciate this. If you don’t mind we’ll add your link to our blog roll!

    1. Crissy says:

      You’re Welcome! I really liked your post so I decided to re-blog it 🙂 And sure, you can link my blog on your blogroll, thanks!

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