Sex with a Stranger

Girls, don’t ever ever have sex with a stranger no matter how much you like or no matter how attracted you are to that person, I define stranger as a person you know little about. e.g a guy who’s not your boyfriend. Why? Girls  easily develop attachment to the person they have sex with,and Male species,being a born polygamous don’t. If you are sexual towards each other, he would not be able to develop his emotional connection with you. The emotional connection will be blocked by his lust, unless he’s desperate and have no experience with woman-then he would be emotionally attached to you.  Also, girls who give up their “womanhood” right away is a big TURN OFF! Guys will think you are more of a FUBU (F*****G Buddy) material than a Girlfriend material.

In the end, you’ll get hurt and he wouldn’t even care…

If you are stuck in a very tempting situation and you think the guy is taking advantage of it. Walk out and leave him, that way you just taught him how to respect you 🙂


5 thoughts on “Sex with a Stranger

  1. I’m definitely doing that, I have a guy friend I really like but he is just so into girls… he’d do it with anyone he fancies.

    I keep a distance whenever he gets into that mode.

    • Good. If that’s how you view him, then keep distance. He’s no good for you. Have you read my re-blog ” Boyfriend Material?” It’s a must read for us 🙂

      Besides, it’s always to keep the mystery alive. Man is hunter by nature, they love the chase. So if you give in that easily, what’s there to chase?

  2. Well said 🙂

    Just remember to draw a line between the players and those more serious about relationships. Sadly the players are better at turning girls on, so serious men appears to find it harder to meet someone special. Just my opinion.

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