Baby Steps


Okay, so there, I wanted a luxurious life…but you know what my problem is? I’m an undergrad, the reason why I didn’t graduate? It would be on another post cause it’s a story of it’s own.

Now why it is a problem?

Well, there’s not much room for undergrads in the corporate world…

Currently, I’m working in a Contact Center as a Market Researcher,and I don’t think that this is where and what I want to be…working in a performance based company is never easy(well, every company is performance  based)…and honestly, I myself? I’m tired of the competition (though I know I shouldn’t be).

Actually, I noticed (or I’m already aware) that most of the people who went overseas were able to improve their life…so, I thought, why not try it myself?

Anyways, so much for that.

I have a plan.

And here’s my step by step checklist;

*Obtain Valid IDs

*Have an NSO authenticated birth certificate

*Obtain Passport

*Research where the best place to go (Actually,I’m considering middle east cause it’s cheaper to go there)

*Apply for a job in the country I chose/decided to go to.

*??? Then let’s see what I can do next 🙂


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